Testimonials from people we’ve helped

Not being a religious person, Al’s explanation to me was "If you believe whether there is a God or not, you can believe in whatever your imagination will let you, including yourself”.

Being introduced to Al and completing his BLIP seminars transformed me into a confident respectful person and elite athlete.

Working with Al has changed my life and I’m very grateful for the experience.

Andrew Fiek - Australian National Shooting Team

So my story goes like this. Around 2 years ago I started feeling what we call the IPPS, all of a sudden I can’t throw a baseball.

To explain this feeling, it’s like my arm freezes and loses all memory of what it’s supposed to be doing, even before I stepped onto the field this would be creep into my brain. It became a huge issue, I would never quite quit - but the thought had been there many times.

Nothing could stop it creeping into my head and I didn’t really try anything I guess.

Enter Alan Close.

One session and presto - the feeling was gone. Not only that, my game as an all round has been the best season I’ve had in years and I just came off probably the worst season in my career.

I still feel it sometimes as a passing thought but it never generates passed that. At the game just gone, one of my best teammates made a passing joke, which would normally fire it straight up.

Just as Al had taught me, I shut my eyes just before the game and switched to ‘Channel 4’ (game time). No problem. I was on point with not even a thought of what used to happen.

I can’t be happier, I feel like I almost have an unfair advantage over everyone else.

Jolon Reeves - Victorian Baseballer

Al, the session with you made such a huge difference to the way I think during and after training sessions.

Emmy - Marathon Runner

Thankyou very much for seeing us today. It was so nice to see you, the same happy guy that helped me change my life in so many ways. In the car on the way home Anakin said he had really sore heels this morning and just before he went in to see you. As soon as we sat down in the car after the session, he said Mum my feet feel so much better and that almost sounds ridiculous because you didn’t even touch his feet. But just the talking about stuff must have opened something up inside of him and he literally felt no pain in his feet, INCREDIBLE! He also said that he wasn’t expecting you to be that smart :) 

Thankyou Alan, once again it was incredibly great to see you.


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