Be the Best you Can Be with Alan Close

Using BLIP to harness your ability to move in and out of absolute concentration as needed to succeed, in life, career, health and more

What is B.L.I.P.?

What is B.L.I.P.?

B.L.I.P. stands for Base Line Internal Program

It’s a series of truly unique programs created by Al which explain meditation so that you can deeply understand it and become it, so as to enhance health, wellbeing and life.

When we go inwards we can reach a point of where there is less mental activity.

Often misunderstood and glanced over is the power that you will find within yourself, by focusing your attention on the awareness within yourself and away from the thoughts that cloud your mind.

B.L.I.P. is a great place for beginners and people experienced in meditation alike to start. The information in these programs will fundamentally shift your perspective of life and awaken a power within that you were previously unaware of!

What being an Elite+ Member offers

Becoming an Elite+ Member put simply is the BEST way to receive the message that MBX is teaching.

For the cost of $7.5 AUD/Month, you will get access to all of the existing programs that MBX has to offer, for free, as well as personalised content made just for you from Al.

Get access to 12+ programs valued at $135 each for just $7.50 a month

Blip Base
BLIP 2.1
BLIP Aging Myth
BLIP Health
BLIP Sporting Excellence
BLIP Tennis
BLIP Ease of Movement
BLIP Weight Reduction
Mind Body Workshop
Mind Body Workshop Two

You will get all of this and MORE for the small cost of $7.50/Month.

A small price to pay for mental wellbeing and growth!