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Mindbodyxtra is a unique culmination from a lifetime of playing, coaching, training, treating and mentoring many athletes from a wide variety of sports right up to world ranking levels.

The principal Alan Close is renowned for his ability to extract the absolute best from the people he works with.

These people are not only from sport, but also the corporate world and most other areas of life.

Corporate CEO’s, Elite Athletes, Entertainers, Doctors, Nurses, Physios, Osteopath and fellow colleagues will seek him out to solve their problems.

Long term physical, musculo/skeletal, emotional, lifestyle, motivational and health wellbeing problems are regularly rectified and overcome.

Clients come from all over Melbourne, country areas, interstate and even international to seek out his remedies.

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A PhD of ‘unlearning’ so that true growth and transformation can take place.

As Einstein once said “In order to become what you can be you need to drop that which you are.” 

He didn’t mean forget, but rather just learn to drop all of your old mind and body habits that have limited the fulfilment of your potential.

This first book explains the mind and body and how one is constantly working with and influencing the other.

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Motivational Speaker

Alan Close

A popular speaker to clubs, associations, teams and the corporate world; Alan makes sure the recipients leave ‘spellbound’ by the highly motivational and educational insights ...

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Mind / Body Therapies

Alan Close

Incorporating Eastern and Western methodology in a unique way that melds the ancient with to the latest research based modalities.

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