Senior Fitness

The old paradigms of age have shifted, and instead are being replaced with parameters which are certainly more in tune with current research and findings on the aspect of our older population.

No longer are you categorized so much as ‘You’ve had your day now stop what you were doing’ type mindset, but rather a preventative more action based lifestyle.

This is sorely needed. Why not train until 100 years old? Or more? Why not return to study to learn new skill sets? Why not, like a friend of mine, qualify for the Hawaiian Ironman at the age of 70?

In the old Soviet Bloc countries there were people who were still riding horses, tending their vege patches, working their farms who were over 100 and all because they DID NOT KNOW THEIR AGE!

This, more than anything, should tell YOU that it’s just in your mind.
Old ways of ‘being old’ are outmoded.

  • NOW is your time for action.
  • NOW is your time to spread your wisdom and your wings.
  • NOW is the time to join up with us, and do just that!
  • ‘Beat the aging myth’