BLIP 2.1 - Corporate Workshops

BLIP - Base Line Internal Program

BLIP is about harnessing your ability to move in and out of absolute concentration as needed to succeed, in life, career, health and more.

“Coaching your mind to consistently achieve high performance levels”

Further to the BLIP I & II Programs which is a wholesome approach to helping you create a better life through learning the art of mind awareness, Blip 2.1 further explores the application of this mindfulness to achieve performance in the workplace and your career.

BLIP 2.1 focuses on your ability to change gears between the contemplative and concentrative minds to be able to achieve greater efficiencies, and results. 

Many executives and persons who have to make impactful decisions fast, practice such techniques. Not only does it teach you to reach absolute focus, it enables you to make rational decisions with greater objectivity by helping you keep calm in stressful environments.

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