BLIP - Base Line Internal Program

BLIP - Base Line Internal Program

Do you find yourself drifting aimlessly, not being able to gather your thoughts or focus?

Or not being able to find absolute concentration on request, as needed to ensure you are performing at your best?

Do you feel this is impeding your path to success, in career, in health, in relationships and within your own self?

You are not alone. This is something common to all humans - even successful people. But it is those who can harness the power of their mind and apply themselves at will when required who rise up to achieve what they want in life. BLIP is about harnessing your ability to move in and out of absolute concentration as needed to succeed, in life, career, health and more.

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BLIP Program

BLIP Program

This truly unique workshop facilitates our ability to achieve the following:

  • Help recover from illness, even serious illness
  • Reduce Weight
  • Improve performance in sport, study and work
  • Achieve health
  • Improving rest & sleep habits & quality
  • Reverse ageing -    Assist short/long term musculoskeletal problems
  • Remain in control
  • and much more…

The BLIP Program is a one day workshop that is divided into 2 stages. In the morning you will work on BLIP I and in the afternoon you will learn how to apply the principles in BLIP II.

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About the BLIP Program Stages

About the BLIP Program Stages


The BLIP I Program introduces you to the Meditative Sciences, and puts in place a framework for which we build on.

It discusses concepts that may be existent already, or completely foreign to attendees, to build a baseline of understanding about the ability of our mind to change through the gears of focus as needed in day to day life.

It ‘breaks in’ the listener to what becomes the pathway to greater awareness of mind, the same pathway which leads to enlightenment, and ultimately a better outlook on life.


The second stage of the BLIP Program sees the principles introduced in BLIP I Applied.

BLIP II uses mind training techniques to gain greater ability to concentrate our energy and remain in control. These techniques, such as positive imagination, visualisation and breathing, work to not only harness the unbelievable power of our mind, but also open up the possibilities to break free from our often self limiting habits.

BLIP II focuses on the application of the mind and our ability to control our thoughts, and hence the ability to calm our sympathetic nervous system, the influx of hormones released as a result, and hence influence it has on our state of body.

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BLIP 2.1 Improve Corporate Performance

Learn more about incorporating what you learn in BLIP into your workplace.