Al's Training

  • Personal Training: Mindbody specialist and unique ‘hard to find’ training that allows and brings forth the potential of mind to body.
  • Personal Training: Tone, fitness, sports specific, rehab, next level, ‘experience the experience’.
  • Seniors: How to beat the ‘aging myth’, reverse biological aging, set and achieve goals. Any numerological age. It DOES NOT matter. ‘Age is no excuse for growing Old.’
  • Weight Reduction: Mind & body must be trained together otherwise you will fail. All of the accepted parameters are true, but mean nothing if you can’t be in control and drive your mind. You will learn how here.
  • Sports Specific: Do you want to excel at your sport or reach the very top? We;; the 1%’ers are just so important if you don’t work on them or even know them you will be just another player. Here you will learn HOW.
  • Rehabilitation: Neuroplasticity is an up and coming phenomenon. Stroke Sufferers, victims of car accidents, reconstructions and surgeries are all methodically assisted with a correctly Neuroplastically designed program. You can begin here.

All of these are available on one on one, small group, “Come to you”, or completely on-line formats. Therefore all of you out there can participate in any of the formats offered.

“Experience the Experience.”

No ‘generic’ same as programs here, instead we offer a program of the correct phases priorities and unique methods that produce results and accelerate your progress.

Design at MBX is paramount. Each and everyone of you should have a program designed specifically for you, taking into account your unique personal goals, history, biomechanics, past injuries and inclinations. Even your beliefs have an impact on program design and implementations.

Here at MBX WE CARE and consider all of this and more.

“Our beliefs about what we are, and what we can be, precisely determine what we will be.” (Anthony Robbins)

Very true we say, but nevertheless you will need to ‘Experience the Experience.’

The ‘proof will be in the pudding’