Speaking Engagements

Whether it is sporting clubs, associations, Rotary, Lions Clubs, University of the 3rd Age, Corporate World, Alan has spoken to them all.

If you or your business, club, or association is looking for a speaker you cannot do better than employing Alan to do so.

From preparing and motivating athletes for ‘battle’ to helping company employees over those Monday or afternoon ‘blues’.

The highly motivating and informative talks leave some ‘spellbound’ from the blend of ancient wisdom with current up to date research.

Subjects are able to relate the talks content directly into their day to day lives which can literally transform ones health, wellbeing, motivations and success on a daily basis.

Subject matter:

  • Health wellbeing from a mindbody perspective
  • How to beat the aging myth
  • Reaching and staying in the ‘zone’ for high performance
  • Corporate Stress and how to stop it for improved performance.
  • Corporate High Performance for Bosses and employees.
  • The ‘Zen’ of achievement
  • The truth of weight reduction and how to maintain body weight from a mindbody viewpoint.

If you are a club or association or the like, why not make a talk by Alan part of a fundraising event?

Or if you are a company looking for a 1% edge for each employee the multiplication factor over all of your staff is very substantial. What an investment this could be for you, with nothing to lose, but lots to gain.

Talks are available on a one off basis, or can be built into a semi regular program for achieving.

One off talks are for a minimum of 100 participants (non corporate). Corporate is by negotiation.

If you require a speaker call Alan and you will not be disappointed. You will use him again and again.

Call NOW to book your chance to 'experience the experience'.